Capital Region of Denmark

Opera House, Copenhagen, Denmark
Opera House
by Adelheid Smitt

Many opera houses seem to have fascinating architecture, and become the pride of a city. Copenhagen is no exception and in the early days of this millennium built the most expensive opera house ever. It was inaugurated in 2005. This view is from across the water at Amalienborg Palace.

I don't get inside (Copenhagen)
Modern Balconies
by Salvatore Petrantoni

A series of strange balconies opposite to the Pocket Park in Copenhagen.

Den Sorte Plads 1 (Copenhagen)
Den Sorte Plads
by Salvatore Petrantoni

Infinite lines to tread but you have only few choices.

Swimming pool (Copenhagen)
by Salvatore Petrantoni

A swimming pool installed directly on the sea where people during the summer can swim with all the comfort needed.

Cykelslangen (Copenhagen)
Cykelslangen (Copenhagen)
by Salvatore Petrantoni

A real bicycle highway used only by cicle in the modern Compenhagen.

Opera House (Copenaghen)
Opera House
by Salvatore Petrantoni

Il Teatro dell'Opera di Copenaghen (in dan. semplicemente Operaen; in ing. Copenaghen Opera House) è il teatro nazionale della Danimarca, e tra i più moderni teatri d'opera del mondo. È anche uno dei teatri d'opera più costosi mai costruiti con costi di costruzione di oltre 500 milioni di dollari. Si trova sull'isola di Holmen, nel centro di Copenaghen. Fonte: Wikipedia

Bella Sky (Copenhagen)
Bella Sky
by Salvatore Petrantoni

I like this kind of bridge that offer great reflections and geometry games.

Escalator (Copenhagen)
by Salvatore Petrantoni

Modern escalator offer new line to modern architectural photography.

Frederiks Kirke (Fredericks Church),
Frederiks Kirke
by Mario Calma

Copenhagen Denmark

Le Lion
Frederiksborg Palace
by Jean-Louis Dumas

La salle de bal du château de Frederiksborg au Danemark.....

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by Enrica Fabriani

La capital de Dinamarca se encuentra en el estrecho de Oresund, que conecta el Mar del Norte con el Mar Báltico.

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