Millennium Walk
St. Paul's behind Millenium Bridge
by Michael

During my trip to London I went for a walk to Millennium bridge at one morning. I got up very early to shoot some blue hour. This photo here was the last one I took that morning. Using a self-timer I walked into the frame to make it a bit more interesting.

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Ashness Autumn
Ashness Bridge
by Pete Rowbottom

I'd pretty much given up there being any kind of sunset here today as it was very overcast and raining on/off, just driving about I ended up near to here and decided to shoot the pier on Derwentwater, as I got there over the wall there were already 2 photographers there waiting for a break in the weather so with 3 being more than a crowd I decided scrap that idea and come up here instead hoping there wasn't anyone else about, and just chance waiting it out for just a bit of decent evening light.

Amazingly there wasn't another soul about here, which is pretty rare, and after setting up and waiting for a while I even got a decent break in the weather as well, it usually doesn't work out like that but if you don't try you don't get.... about 10 minutes after this image a huge storm blew over with torrential rain, which I took great pleasure in watching from the comfort of the car :-)

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Canary Wharf Underground, England
Canary Wharf Station
by Adelheid Smitt

Something very different this time. I like modern architecture, especially when it comes to symmetry and geometric lines. This is one of the exits of the Canary Wharf underground station. Most people seem to prefer photographing the other one, but I liked this one as it has more escalators. It is one of London's busiest stations, but not so on Easter Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately tripods are not allowed here, so this needs to be done with a steady hand and higher ISO. But I personally like the result and posting something different to my usual images.

Towers in Blue
Tower Bridge
by Adelheid Smitt

The famous Tower Bridge in London during the blue hour.

Canary Wharf a look to the future (London)
Canary Wharf footbridge
by Salvatore Petrantoni

Canary Wharf looking on a financial universe.

Grey Coniston, England
Coniston Jetty
by Adelheid Smitt

I've been posting some very colourful photos, a number of which I took during a sunny Autumn week in the English Lake District. However, it wasn't always about colour. On my last day there, it was very grey, wet and miserable, and my photos of the Coniston jetty were nothing like I had hoped. So just for the sake of some colour, I added my umbrella!

Big Ben
Framed Big Ben
by Michael

Soon after taking the photo I showed here yesterday I had to run for cover. The dramatic light turned into a short but heavy downpour. The next dry place was right under the Westminster bridge in this passage underground. As I turned around after the short spring and saw this view I didn't hesitate to take another couple of photos. If it wasn't for the rain I might never have gone down there and found this gem of a perspective.

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The little red rocket also know as The Herd Groyne Lighthouse.
Herd Groyne Lighthouse
by AlanHowe

Its deep red colour stands out so on a sunny day making it an impressive sight. I liked the way the windy conditions blowing the marram grass looked.

Bamford Edge
Ladybower from Bamford Edge
by Graham Morris

With a splendid view over Ladybower reservoir. Well I think it is

Seaham Wheels, Chemical Beach Seaham .
Chemical Beach Wheels
by AlanHowe

30 sec exposure. Seaham Beach . Canon 5D mk4 Canon 24-105 on 82 mm f4 kase wolverine filters kase k8 filter holder Circular Polariser ND1000 (10stop) Benro mach3 & G2 Ball Head.

The Lowry theatre
Salford Quays, Manchester
by kevin walker

The Lowry is a theatre and gallery complex at Salford Quays, Salford, Greater Manchester, England. It is named after the early 20th-century painter L. S. Lowry, known for his paintings of industrial scenes in North West England

Manchester Twilight
Oxford Street
by kevin walker

Taken from near Oxford Station in Manchester, on a very clear night. I used a tripod.....

Westminster Bridge to Big Ben
by Michael

Last monday I was in photographers heaven for a few minutes. London before sunset with a storm front rolling in from the east presented the best photo opportunity in this year so far and I was in exactly the right place.

I have an Article on my blog where I provide some behind the scenes info to how this photo came to be, if you are interested.

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Houses of Parliament
Big Ben behind Westminster Bridge
by Michael

The continuation of my London series. Here's another famous perspective of Westminster and the Houses of Parliament. I went for a long time exposure to give this photo something special.

I also wrote a few new articles on my blog about tripod and filters I use for example.

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Millennium Bridge, London
Millennium Bridge and St. Paul's from West
by Alan Taylor

The Millennium Bridge, officially known as the London Millennium Footbridge, is a steel suspension bridge for pedestrians crossing the River Thames in London, England, linking Bankside with the City of London. It is located between Southwark Bridge and Blackfriars Railway Bridge. It is owned and maintained by Bridge House Estates, a charitable trust overseen by the City of London Corporation. Construction began in 1998, and it initially opened in June 2000.

Scaleber Force Waterfall
Golden falls
by Graham Morris

Note to self......Need to visit Yorkshire more often......

Man o' War Bay
Man Of War Beach from above
by Heike Rosenbaum

Bay and coastline next to Durdle Door

Jurassic Coast, Dorset

Amble Pier Lighthouse
Amble in Northumberland
by Heike Rosenbaum

This small light is one of two at the mouth of the River Coquet at Amble in Northumberland.

Amble, Northumberland

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The Big Ben - London, England - Travel photography
Big Ben from below
by Giuseppe Milo

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Walkie Talkie Sky Garden at dusk
Sky Garden
by jim stephenw

Booked tickets for 1545-1645hrs to catch sunset, but damp and overcast weather meant we were denied this pleasure. The darker it got the more reflections appeared in the glass windows, making it very difficult to take clear images through them. Security guards will stop you from lifting your camera above the height of the safety glass to overcome the reflections.

Media City Blue Hour
Media City
by Pete Rowbottom

I've been meaning to come here for ages, tonight with being at work late and great weather proved the ideal time for a quick visit and a few shots bang in the middle of the blue hour, I had to rush a little as I was parked in a car park that was due to shut, and with no ticket I was chancing it a bit, but still I managed a few shots, this being the first. As it happens I still got locked in the car park... and had to get some security guy to let me out.... Worth it? - I think so with this one.

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Blyth Beach Huts
Blyth Beach Huts
by Damon Finlay

The first port of call on my weekend trip down South, the Beach huts on Blyth Promenade.

Staring at the sun......
by Graham Morris

Crosby, near that there Liverpool.

Victorian Sundown
Victorian Sundown
by Pete Rowbottom

Explore #3 - 30/05/17

On the way down to Cornwall I decided to try and break the journey up by rail and was looking for a place to spend the night and get a few shots, Weston-Super-Mare was the place I decided to stop the night as there was a shot I wanted to try and get at Knightstone Marina at high tide. As it happens that didn't work out as at high tide it was lashing it down, absolutely no chance of a shot at all.

After spending most of the day getting soaked in Weston, and realising exactly why £1 umbrellas are £1 (lasted all of 5 minutes before turning into a ball of metal and material! - whizzed it into a skip) visited a couple of pubs lugging the stuff around to keep out of the rain I decided to have a go at sunset as it looked to be easing up about 7pm.

A rejig of the plans and the closed Birnbeck Pier was chosen for tonights shoot looking out to South Wales across the Bristol channel, having never been there before I didn't know what to expect or where to shoot from so it was just a case of rocking up and seeing what was what, if there was to be decent a sunset, the sun should by my reckoning be right over the old pier.

You can never predict how things are going to go but again a truly featureless grey rainy horrible day thankfully turned into a superb sunset from nowhere, instead of going for the side view I decided to go straight into the sun to try and catch the sun on the old timberwork and pick out the detail of the crumbling metalwork on the right (see collapsed section) The exposure balancing was a challenge to say the least. If you click on the image you can see the state it is in a lot clearer..

The Pier, built in 1867, shut to the public in 1994 and has been the subject of several failed attempts to restore it, it now lies fenced off and in a bad way as you can see from the illuminated boardwalk, the little building on the left was an RNLI lifeboat station, again abandoned due to safety issues and moved closer into the town at a temporary base.

Nobody knows what the future holds for the Pier but it doesn't look good, just glad I managed to get a shot of it for the record.

More info can be found here along with info on the people who are trying to save it for future generations:


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Cropthorne Mill at twilight - Explored 260416
Fladbury Mill
by Clive Griffiths

I'd completely forgotten about the mills at Fladbury near Evesham unitl I was reminded of them by fellow Flickr folk Mark and Paul.
There are two mills on the River Avon at Fladbury, either end of the weir. This is Cropthorne Mill, which is possibly the more photogenic of the two.

Thanks very much for looking.

Southport Pier
Southport Pier
by Alan Taylor

Southport Pier is a pleasure pier in Southport, Merseyside, England. Opened in August 1860, it is the oldest iron pier in the country. Its length of 1,108 m (3,635 ft) makes it the second-longest in Great Britain, after Southend Pier. Although at one time spanning 1,340 m (4,380 ft), a succession of storms and fires during the late 19th and early 20th centuries reduced its length to that of the present day.

The pier has been host to famous entertainers, including Charlie Chaplin in the early 20th century, and was formerly visited by steamliners in its heyday, but channel silting meant this ceased in the 1920s. The pier fell into disrepair throughout the late 20th century, and by 1990 it was operating at a significant annual loss with rising maintenance costs. The local council sought to have the pier demolished, but were defeated in their attempt by a single vote. Wikipedia

Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum, The Great Hall

Natural History Museum, London, England (HDR)

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Westminster Storm
Westminster Bridge to Big Ben
by Michael

As an interlude between all the New Zealand Photos I want to show another photo from that incredible evening in London back in August. To see such awesome light at such a great location was really something special. I felt very lucky :-)

Processing on this one was my usual Exposure Blending, then some dreamy photo techniques and to finish it some contrast and color work. I explain all of this in my video tutorials, which I've recorded over the last years.


Magical Durdle Door at dawn
Durdle Door from above
by Heike Rosenbaum

Isle of Purbeck, Dorset

Bamburgh Castle bathed in golden light
Bamburgh Castle from Beach
by Heike Rosenbaum

The setting sun created a warm orange light on the iconic castle.

Bamburgh beach, Northumberland

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A Beach........
New Brighton Lighthouse
by Graham Morris

near a lighthouse......near Liverpool..... I suspect I might be posting rather more from here in he coming weeks, providing we are allowed to leave the house......

Staircase in an eye (London)
Brewer Spiral Staircase at Heal's
by Salvatore Petrantoni

An apparently simple staircase allowed me to realize this splendid shoot which perfectly expresses my continued research of an ideal photo composition: a beautiful abstract form (an eye) extracted from a daily life object (staircase).

Steetley Pier
Steetley pier
by AlanHowe

80 sec Long exposure Steetley Pier Hartlepool with a kase 10 stop filter & 0.9 medium Grad .

The Shard
The Shard from Grant's Quay Wharf
by Alan Taylor

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The Shard, also referred to as the Shard of Glass, Shard London Bridge and formerly London Bridge Tower, is a 95-storey skyscraper in Southwark, London, that forms part of the London Bridge Quarter development. Standing 309.7 metres (1,016 ft) high, the Shard is the tallest building in the United Kingdom, the fourth-tallest building in Europe and the 96th-tallest building in the world. It is also the second-tallest free-standing structure in the United Kingdom. Wikipedia

Staring at the fog
by Graham Morris

Antony Gormley statue contemplating life......

Ladybower Bellmouth
Ladybower Bellmouth
by Graham Morris

Or plughole as the locals call them, apparently.

What lies beneath . . . .
Framed Big Ben
by Pete Rowbottom

Last time I was here I had no wide angle or tripod, so decided to come back when I was better equipped, it also should double as a great little place to shelter from the rain, apart from the fact that the brick lined roof let loads of water in so infact I wasn't much better off, except out of the wind... I liked the old paving stones and brickwork down here leading into the well known scene in front. 93 seconds @ f11.

Eight Legged Monster
The Daymark
by Neil Bond

Well, Saturday was a mean and moody day, with threatening rain clouds to be seen in all directions, so I thought why not visit a new location and try to make good use of the dramatic skies with a bit of Big Stopper slow-motion.

It was not to be, as I seemed to pick out the only bit of blue sky in the South West. Something I wouldn't normally mind, but not what I'd intended.

The blue sky and minimal low clouds were not really what I was after, so tried recreating the effect I was after in photoshop, with a sky I took last year and some motion blur.

240 Sec f/16 Lee Big Stopper + 3 stop High Tech ND solid

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