Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge from Battery Spencer
by Birgit M.


Cloud Gate (The Bean) - Millennium Park, Chicago
Cloud Gate
by Joao Eduardo Figueiredo

Sculpture by Anish Kapoor

Mesa Arch
Mesa Arch
by Maurizio Fontana

USA 2011 - Canyonlands

Dead Horse Point before Sunrise
Dead Horse Point
by Yi Jiang

Dead Horse Point State Park is a state park of Utah in the United States, featuring a dramatic overlook of the Colorado River and Canyonlands National Park.

The intellect of the wise is like glass; it admits the light of heaven and reflects it…
Pfeiffer Beach
by Sandeep Thomas
  • Augustus Hare.

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One more shot from Pfeiffer State Beach. Took this one as I reached the beach when I got about 2 minutes to shoot the bridge head on without anyone walking through the frame. I like this shot a little better than the one where the sun is setting through the arch.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you all have a good day..

Manhattan Bridge from Washington Street
by Nenad Spasojevic

Finally get my self around to finish editing this shot. Between the initial shot and the final edit it took me around 5 months. I went to this location 6 times while trying to figure out what to do with it. Shooting at nigh wasn't an option cause there is just to many light sources all around coming from many directions. I wasn't fortunate enough to catch the rainy day also. Since there is so many cars parked in the street I had to do something different to be able to hide them and make everything seamless in the final edit. While shooting in the city, I like to do that with this long exposure technique and use the car trails as leading lines as much as the cover for the distracting area. What do you think?

Seattle from Jose Rizal Bridge
by Daniel Cheong

Shot from Dr. Jose Rizal Bridge, a very popular vantage point.

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Orange October
San Francisco from Twin Peaks
by Andrew Kearns

San Francisco celebrates the Giants in the World Series. 12 images using a 400mm lens on a 5D mk2. Taken from twin peaks. This image is 2.6G of data. 24 inches by 72 inches at 300 DPI. I printed one and it looks amazing!

Crater Lake, panoramic view
Crater Lake
by janos.hajas@yahoo.de

This picture has been stitched together from 8 individual pictures. The Crater Lake was formed ~ 7700 years ago in the caldera after the eruption and collapse of Mount Mazama. It has the cleanest water in the USA, almost free of suspended particles, it is also very deep, that´s why the color appears as dark blue. The volcanic cone shaped island on the left is Wizard Island (4400 years old), the small islet on the right is named as Phantom Ship island.

Trouble springs from idleness, and grievous toil from needless ease...[explored]
Portland Head Light
by Sandeep Thomas

-Benjamin Franklin.

Portland Head Light is a historic lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine that sits at the entrance of the shipping channel into Casco Bay. The headlight was the first built by the United States government, and is now a part of Fort Williams Park.

As one of the most photographed lighthouses in the US I was very eager to get this one right. Also one fellow photographer I me while at Annisquam Light told me that the Portland Head light ticks all the boxes to be a perfect lighthouse shot. I have a couple of more interesting shots and I will post them as get the time.

by Nenad Spasojevic

Is anyone having a great morning today? I’m very excited to be back today and to start sharing some photos again with you guys. Past month was great and I got to pack almost a month of traveling. Even though I left the Chicago for a few weeks, I feel like in some way, Chicago never left me. For a brief moment every morning when I wake up, I instinctively felt as I was still here in a way. So for this post I’m going back to one of the cityscapes corners. What do you think?

The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost…
Multnomah Falls
by Sandeep Thomas
  • Gilbert K. Chesterton.

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Multnomah Falls, at about 627 ft in elevation this is one of the premier attraction of the Columbia River Gorge and attracts quite a number of visitors. It’s considered by many as the second tallest year round waterfall in the US. We passed alongside the falls on our fourth day but the parking area was packed with cars, so we decided to get back here on the fifth day after shooting sunrise at the Trillium Lake.

We reached here around 6:30 am and there was nobody around, so we took our time taking pics and enjoying a stroll to small bridge across the falls. It’s not the most photogenic of the falls in Columbia River Gorge but its stunning just to see the sheer size of this stunning waterfall.

Stars at Bristlecone Pine Forest
Bristlecone Pine Forest
by Andrew Kearns

Made from 5 light frames (captured with a NIKON D850) by Starry Landscape Stacker 1.6.4. Algorithm: Median - This tree is estimated to be 4000 years old. I used an IRIX 15mm lens - awesome lens!

Morning Sky Over Linville Gorge
Rock Garden
by Michael Kight

A few posts back shows this same location, though shot into the brilliant light of the rising Sun. This is looking the other direction just before the Sun popped up on the horizon at my back. This is more of a 23rd Psalm image than those brilliant shots, pastoral and peaceful. The hike down from here at Hawksbill Mountain is always one of contemplation of the beauty of God’s creation… always worth the hike up!

Multiple Sunbeams
Upper Antelope Canyon

Upper Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ.

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Lower Manhattan At Night
Manhattan over the poles of Old Pier 1
by Jakub Slováček

Skyline of Lower Manhattan at night from Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Tunnel View
by Aniket Deole

I think the best time to visit Yosemite is February. There is still some snow around the valley. The trees and the snow shine mystically because of the sun rays through the patchy clouds. Certainly a sight to behold.

Zabriskie Point
Zabriskie Point
by Maurizio Fontana

USA 2011 - Death Valley

Mesquite Dunes
Mesquite Dunes
by Jeremy Bishop

I found myself trekking through the dunes in the middle of 33MPH winds. It was early in the morning when the winds were less violent, but when the sunrise hit the winds took a drastic change for the worse.

From Empire
Empire State view

From Empire State Building, Manhattan, New York (HDR)

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Love is the greatest refreshment in life…
Yosemite Valley View
by Sandeep Thomas
  • Pablo Picasso.

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One of my favorite locations in all of California is the Valley view outlook point at Yosemite National Park. I have posted many photos of this location which provides a stunning view of the majestic El Capitan to the left, the stunning Sentinels with Bridal Veil Falls to the right and the serene Merced River as foreground interest. It’s pretty tough to beat a view as spectacular as this but the real reason I fell in love with this location is the fact that I always got amazing light whenever I was at this spot. This was my go-to spot when the weather was bad or if we are providing a quick drive-by for our relatives or friends who are visiting.

This photo was taken in the past summer when we did a quick tour of Yosemite, As usual, the golden hour kind of coincided with our stop and I managed to get some good shots.

Sunset over Yosemite Valley
Tunnel View
by Eduard Wichner

Shot from the Tunnel View

Chicago Skyline - view from Alder Planetarium at sunset, Illinois, USA
Chicago Skyline
by Romain Pontida

The J.P. Morgan corporate challenge was on that day, hence the "Run Chicago Run" on the building. 6-picture panorama stitched with Hugin, Panini projection

[Pier 14 During the Blue Hour]
Pier 14
by Milton Sun

Nikon D810 + AF-S Nikkor 24-120mm @ 24mm F/16, 30 sec, ISO-100. pano blended with 3 horizontal shots. (taken on 05-14-2016)

Milwaukee Art Museum
by Nenad Spasojevic

Is that right? Before I stand corrected I know that another piece of architecture bares the same name. I just thought this name for this image would be perfectly appropriate and it goes with what I feel when looking at it. I shot this frame back at the end of 2017 and editing this piece is way overdue. What do you think?

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge from South
by Jakub Slováček

The Brooklyn Bridge by night.

He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough…
Sand Harbor
by Sandeep Thomas
  • Lao Tzu.

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This one is a panorama shot from Sand Harbor beach, combined image of about 5 shots. This one was quite hard to compose due to the sun still being present to the right of the frame. But the water looked so beautiful and calm that I didn’t mind the slightly blown sky.

Thanks for visiting and have a nice day..

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another…
Garrapata State Park from Painters Point
by Sandeep Thomas
  • William James.

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When I picked up the Lee Big Stopper, it was more out of curiosity rather than any genuine need. At that time, I was living on the east coast and it helped a lot in making those cloudy overcast days interesting. Soon it became one of my most used filters until I moved to the west coast. My usage stats for this filter basically fell off a cliff and the 2 stop ND grad gained its top spot back in my filter kit.

One of the coolest usages of a 10 stop ND filter like the Lee Big Stopper is during the predawn time period. Usually, during this time, the light is very even allowing for even lower shutter speed. Another aspect is that this is the period when color will start to appear in the sky and usually the colors are soft pastel in varying hues and in a longer exposure you will be able to see these colors much better than the naked eye ca. My theory is that since these color patches are the brightest areas in the whole scene they are rendered in a long exposure better while our eyes more tuned for the overall darker scene and misses the faint colors. This shot was taken at the Garrapatta state park just before dawn and I didn’t notice any color in the clouds when I took this shot but when I opened the image in the photoshop I could see the faint pastels in the sky. The added benefit is the smooth surf that provides an ethereal feel to the stunning coastline.

Skyline from Tear Drop Memorial
Skyline from Tear Drop Memorial

One World Trade Center, Manhattan, New York

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Hocus Virga Pocus
Hocus Virga Pocus

There’s something magical about Martin’s Beach. Perhaps it has to do with the wizard’s hat shaped sea-stack just off the shore of the beach. Or...

Horseshoe Bend - Colorado
Horseshoe Bend
by Maurizio Fontana

USA 2011 - Colorado River

Delicate Arch sunset
Delicate Arch
by Maurizio Fontana

USA 2011 - Arches

Sunset on Brooklyn Bridge
Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan, New York

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New York City Skyline
Manhattan over the poles of Old Pier 1
by Hilde Jüngst

View from Brooklyn Bridge Park after Sunset.

Sand Dunes
Mesquite Dunes
by Yi Jiang

Death Valley National Park

It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere…
Fairy Falls
by Sandeep Thomas
  • Agnes Repplier.

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One more shot of the beautiful fairy falls. For this shot I got in real close and used a longer focal length. I am a big admirer of this particular type of falls as they come our really pretty in photographs and this one is one of my favorites. I wanted a shot emphasizing the details of the moss on the ricks and the flowing water.

Hope everyone likes it, Happy Tuesday!!

Love is the wisdom of the fool and the folly of the wise…
Proxy Falls
by Sandeep Thomas
  • Samuel Johnson | facebook | 500px | ferpectshotz | One more shot of the beautiful and massive Lower Proxy falls. For this shot I had this plan to get as close to some of the foreground cascades and to use them as foreground interest for framing the big waterfall. Unfortunately the water flow was simply too high and I was constantly getting sprayed by the mist. I am truly glad my gear is water resistant but trust me constantly having to wipe off your filter while taking a long exposure shot is not fun. This was not the composition I had in mind but this was the closest I got to what I initially planned. Hope you all enjoy the image.
Nature never did betray the heart that loved her...
Alabama Hills - Mobius Arch
by Sandeep Thomas
  • William Wordsworth.

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Mobius arch at Alabama hills area near Lone Pine, California. I have been to this location multiple times but my attention was always drawn to the larger than life presence of Mt Whitney. Its only quite recently that I was aware of this stunning arch and the view through it. So the last day of our tip to Big Pine while we were coming back we started well before sunrise and hiked through the small hiking path to reach this stunning location.

We had the company of two other photographers and it was fun to realize that we were all from the same neighborhood in LA. We waited for the sun to light up the mountains and then shot this beautiful rock formation. It’s a really easy location to get to and an absolutely must visit if you are ever in the Eastern Sierras.

Fiery San Francisco
San Francisco from Treasure Island
by Jiri Hajek

After an overcast day, late afternoon sky started to clear on the west, which resulted in a phenomenal sunset.

The Two Bridges
Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge
by Jakub Slováček

The iconic bridges - The Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge in background.

The man who has no imagination has no wings.
Pier 14
by Sandeep Thomas
  • Muhammad Ali.

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San Francisco and New York have some of the most expensive hotel room rates which we have ever encountered in our travels. Thankfully due to our extended family and old college friends, we don’t ever have to look for hotels in these two towns. But staying with family and friends makes it difficult to go on photography endeavors on these trips. Usually, my wife gives me a stern talking to before the trip about how I should relax with the camera.

We lived in San Francisco for a short while after our marriage but never really spend any time exploring the city, and after being LA residents for five years, we finally decided to take a short weekend trip to explore the photographic possibilities of this beautiful city. I spend some time researching the landmarks of the city and the perfect positions for the shot. The problem was that we were there for only three days, and the best time for the city shots is usually during the blue hour, which happens after sunset. But we only had two evenings, and I had a ton of locations, we decided to dedicate the sunset towards the slacker hill hike and the treasure Island vistas, but that meant that the pier 14 shot that I had in mind would not be possible in the best light.

I knew that there was a blue hour in the morning as well, just before the sunrise and I decided to wake my wife up at 4 am and see if we could get a good shot. The day was unusually cold, and my wife agreed that she would stay in the car to guard it against the ever vigilant parking wardens. The blue hour was beautiful; the only problem was that it was way shorter than the evening version also it was much brighter due to the sun coming up rapidly. The brightness stole some of the contrast out of the city lights, but I liked having the opportunity to shoot at such a busy location with no one around me.

Alien Invasion
Bisti Badlands
by PZ Sunrays

Cracked eggs at Bisti badlands

Downtown From West
Downtown From West
by Jakub Slováček

West view of Lower Manhattan